Partner with a Community Based Recruiter

At Citrus Global our primary focus sits within the Cloud, Technology and HRIS arena. Our core values are based around an ‘inch wide, mile deep’ approach, allowing us to offer a level of expertise and value-add that is second to none.

Whether you're an organisation looking for the next future superstar, or an individual looking to progress your career forwards, it is vital that you partner with an agency who are an active and contributing member of the community in which you operate.

Our value proposition is simple; we identify, engage and facilitate in the introduction of talented, ambitious and qualified individuals to some of the world's most exciting brands. 

How do we do it?
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    14% Salary Increase

    We understand that money and financial reward shouldn't be the primary motivator to consider when moving jobs. However last year (2020) our placement data shows us that that on average we achieved a 14% salary increase across all the individuals Citrus placed. 

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    Preferred Partner for Job Seekers

    We place individuals, whilst others fill jobs. Simply put, our focus is on you as the individual jobseeker. We work closely with you on a preferred partner basis, aiming to introduce you to organisations and opportunities that are suited to your particular requirements.

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    Accessing our Extended Network

    Our active position within the community gives us invaluable market information into the latest projects, acquisitions, rising stars and general market intelligence. Whether your interaction with us is as a job seeker or as a candidate, we offer you a proactive service, leveraging our extended network and notifying you of relevant opportunities in real-time. Allowing you the luxury of choice. 

Be Part of a Winning Team

We are expanding rapidly, but ever mindful of maintaining the diverse company culture we have worked so hard to build. We want individuals who share our principles, looking to shine as one, but prosper as a collective. We can consider people at all levels, who are motivated by the idea of working with a company as opposed to for a company.

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