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3 Ways to Make Your Project Appeal to Cloud Developers

Though this has been one of the most challenging years in our professional history we have seen a huge increase in the use of digital connectivity and virtual workspaces. One of these areas of growth has been Cloud functionality – which, considering that most of those employed in our industry have been working from home through lockdown, is no surprise.

Now that the pandemic has evidenced just how many white-collar workers can, in fact, work from home, we predict that this flexible working will only grow in popularity, and Cloud technology is going to be the go-to solution for most businesses.

With that comes the need for more support and expertise – which means that the hunt for the best Cloud Developers on the market is going to get competitive. These are the designers and Engineers who are building the new normal and, in a job market that’s been significantly impacted by the economic crisis Covid-19 sparked, it’s vital that your role stands out from the crowd.

So – what can you do to make sure your job listing appeals?


Much like the rest of the population have experienced in recent months, DevOps and Cloud Developers are often content to work from home or remotely, and to have flexible employment. Enforcing a formal office environment may be counter to their productivity. 2020 has completely reshaped the way we work and has evidenced that remote working can be just as productive – if not even more so – than being office based. Considering the industry we are in, supporting their need for a quieter environment could make a huge difference.

New Tech and Fancy Toys! 
Those in the tech industry tend to stay in-role for long periods, so those who are looking need to be given a great reason to take the leap. The best way to appeal to the specialist expertise you’re hoping to source is to offer new toys! Shout in your job ad about the systems and developments the potential employee can expect to use in the role and showcase the tech you’re offering. We know that Developers and Engineers like to explore new gadgets and software – so be up front. 

Paint the Big Picture
Where could this role go, and what is their work going to contribute to? We know that many Developers are brought in to work on one very small component of something much bigger – and being blinkered by that individual spec can mean that they aren’t given access to information about the overall project. 

Showcase the business benefits, the big picture, the impact that their contribution could make on the overall project so that they understand where their expertise and insight will have a significant impact, even if the element they are working on is small. 

Don’t Jargon Them to Sleep
As a bonus, remember that you’re looking for a real person, with a wealth of interests, skills and experience that build a bigger picture of who they are, and what they might be looking for in an employer. 

Don’t just pad out your job listings with the technical specs of the project. Build a picture of the team – of the culture and environment within your organisation, and the goals and ambitions of the business. Tell the story of who you are, and who you want to bring on board. 

Finally; trust an expert. Call us today to discuss the role you’re hoping to fill and let us recommend applicants from our global network of niche industry experts. Call our UK office at +44 203 174 0449 or our Germany location at +4921529903900.

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