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Making Your Tech Business Flourish in 2021

As a global population we have survived a very strange, and very difficult, beginning to the decade – and entering into this new year many of the goals we set out with have been forced to adapt. As an industry, tech has become even more vital than anticipated, and has sustained the survival and advancement of business in every industry as digital and virtual communications and working became the normal of the Covid generation. 

It follows that to survive – and to flourish – tech businesses in 2021 need to continue leading this growth and embrace industry 4.0, supporting the framework and infrastructure - and the evolution of that infrastructure as these sweeping changes are embraced.

How can your tech business flourish in this new world?

Strategic thinking:

Not only is it important to think ahead and create a plan for how your company will advance and grow, but it’s also equally important to avoid rigid thinking, and to allow that strategy to evolve in response to real world events (if 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that we have to expect the unexpected!

Stop, collaborate and listen:

Don’t try to be the only experts; keep track of industry events, news and advancements, listen to what others have to say, and work with the up-and-coming stars of tomorrow to keep your team ahead of the curve.

Industry is the parent of fortune:

Don’t be afraid to try new things, to invest in experimentation, to let your apprentices and trainees suggest new ideas; they could be the very thing that brings you the biggest growth.

Put your people first:

Technology, Cloud development and software are only as good as the people behind them – and those people need to feel supported, encouraged, engaged and passionate – so put their needs ahead of profits, and you’ll see greater commitment and success in return. Your people aren’t a disposable commodity, they are your business.

Schnapps is schnapps and business is business

Alongside meeting their needs, keep clear space between the personal lives and professional lives of your team; proper time management, workload distribution and clarity on expectations means that people have the autonomy to structure their own chosen schedule, and aren’t tied to their desks. Letting your team implement their own peak working hours means they are well rested, more engaged, and better able to deliver high performing service for you and your clients. 

Experts don’t always make leaders

Highly skilled and experienced experts in the industry – whether they are Developers or Engineers, working in Cloud – are a prize worth investing in, but that expertise and brilliance in their field won’t always translate into great leadership in the team, so assess the skills of each individual before advancing to a more senior role and utilise the skills present to suit their own goals. This can also apply to your organisation: striving to be the experts in one niche may not position you as industry leaders – but always striving to embrace growth, recruit talent and expand your insight will. 

The tech industry is experiencing an unprecedented and unexpected wave of significant growth, forced to adapt overnight to meet the needs of every industry as a global pandemic changed the way we live and work – and we may never again see change on such a sweeping scale. Embracing these changes and leading the charge as an adaptable and forward-thinking organisation could see your business leap ahead. 

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