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My take on Recruiting through the Covid-19 crisis

It’s been over two months since the lockdown was imposed in the UK and a similar situation is in play in most of Europe, so I wanted to take a step back to reflect on this unique set of circumstances, that will likely turn out to be a ‘watershed moment’ in the way in which many of us go to work in the future. 

Undoubtedly, the Covid-19 pandemic has created obstacles in the recruitment world that none of us could have predicted. However, amidst the obstacles, my personal view is there have been a number of opportunities that have emerged.  I wanted to shine a light on some of these positives as I see them, as I believe they demonstrate what can be achieved when people are motivated to find a solution.


The many calls and video conferences that may not have been possible, had we not found ourselves with a little (or a lot) of extra time on our hands to have meaningful conversations with existing clients and new connections. Conversations that have allowed us to develop ‘connections’ into more solid relationships by actually taking the time to reach out,  listen and understand the frustrations of hiring managers, that perhaps pre-Covid, would have been cut short to rush into another call or meeting. This gave real insight into project pain-points, historical hiring challenges and the potential longer-term strategy as to skilling up the team.


Delivery vs physical location
The realisation that location should not necessarily dictate the talent that we can consider, particularly when working in the cloud. From the many conversations we have had during this time with HRIS Managers, it’s clear that their team members can hit milestones, meet timelines and generally do their jobs to the same high standard, from the comfort of a home office (or kitchen table). Because of this, many companies have been forced to reevaluate their WFM policies, meaning consequently, organisations can now consider working with individuals from a wider talent-pool, whom historically would have been discounted purely based on location; or those that need more flexibility to accommodate personal/family circumstances.


Embracing the power of video conferencing.
We are working with numerous companies who have pressed on with projects in order to meet pre-existing timelines and continued to bring on much-needed talent, albeit via different means of communication. Video conferencing and interview platforms have become increasingly crucial to talent acquisition within a pandemic,, meaning we have been able to continue to make placements via a fully remote interview process. From a recruitment standpoint, video technology is something that we have been promoting over the last few years, where face to face interviews are not possible or cause unnecessary delays. Whilst we would typically be able to conduct first interviews virtually with a positive reaction, there has been a hesitation to continue the latter stages in the same way. However, in light of the ‘Covid-19 situation, many companies have now realised that it is possible to conduct an entire process in this way, with the same great outcome and it seems as though this is certainly something that will be carried forward.


In closing, whilst the past few months have created challenges that we could not have predicted, we have continued to make a positive impact within the Workday ecosystem. Utilising our existing tools, namely, CitrusLive, our internal video interviewing and conferencing platform, we have been able to maintain and create stronger relationships with both new candidates and Clients. These relationships have ultimately led to a number of placements in the Workday space during the period.  Now with the world beginning to settle into what many are calling  “the new normal”, I imagine this will continue to be the case in the future and companies will adapt their processes accordingly.

 If you are a Workday customer who could benefit from our tried and tested recruitment model; or a Workday professional hoping to secure a new role in this difficult market, then please do reach out for a in depth discussion. 


By Emily Bailey - Workday Team Lead - Citrus Global - +44 203 174 0449 /

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