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Salesforce Essentials provides a tailored CRM for small businesses

Salesforce has announced its new ‘easy-to-use’ sales and service app that has been designed with small businesses in mind with the new plan only supporting 10 users at a time.

Although Salesforce has other products designed for SMEs, they were always more geared to the medium-sized business, and so it was clearly time for Salesforce to produce an app that focused in on how to enable small businesses to grow and innovate faster than ever. 

EVP of CRM Applications at Salesforce, Mike Rosenbaum discussed the release of the new Salesforce Essential app on 13th March 2018, saying “There are more than 125 million small businesses around the world all working toward one common goal-growth. With essentials, we’ve taken the full power of Salesforce and tailored it to the unique needs of small businesses. Essentials is easy to set up and use and it's future-proof, so small businesses can add new capabilities quickly and easily as they grow.”

The main drive behind the sales and services app was to help eliminate the burden off manually inputting data in small businesses, as it was found that they spent on average around 23% of their time on this task. Another issue is that a lot of small businesses don’t have the time or money to be spending weeks negotiating and setting up CRM systems and so has stopped a lot of businesses from implementing SaaS solutions. As Rosenbaum stated, they have made it easy to set up and use and have supported the set up with a free ‘gamified’ online learning platform ‘Trailhead’ to guide the businesses through the set-up.

Another great benefit that has clearly taken small businesses budgets into consideration is that it is a really affordable system to run. For $25 per user, per month, businesses will have access to the salesforce sales cloud essentials and service cloud essentials for up to 10 users, and if your business has experienced or experiencing growth then the next tier available is $75 per user per month, for 11-49 users.

Small businesses that decide to implement the new Essentials app will gain benefits of the incorporation of Salesforce’s Einstein AI capabilities, which automates manual data entry and makes sales and service reps more productive. This feature will have a major positive impact on the allocation of teams time and will be able to alleviate the time taken on data entry to focussing on customers and personalising their experience, and ultimately creating a more productive workforce.

Marie Rosecrans, SVP of small business marketing at Salesforce said “Small businesses are the cornerstone of innovation and economic growth... That’s why we’re so excited about Salesforce Essentials and the opportunity to help every small business tackle the unique needs and challenges they will face as they grow.”

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