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The Benefits of Engaging with A Freelancer

From the perspective of niche talent specialists, we know that there are pros and cons to both permanent and contract recruitment – and that neither is the best solution for everyone. What is most important is that we assess your current situation, identify the required outcome and offer a recommendation to suit your specific needs. 

Our specialism is in recruiting Cloud, DevOps Engineers and Software Developers. With years of experience, we have a great insight into this market, as well as a strong network of potential permanent or freelance workers who could be the perfect fit for your role; the question is, do you want someone short-term for a specific project, or do you need a permanent member of the team to bed in?

To help you to decide, let’s look quickly at some of the factors to consider which may show you that contractors are, in fact, your best choice when you haven’t considered the option before:

Contractors are:

  • Quick to source and put in place
  • Able to hit the ground running, with specific experience and skills
  • Experts in their field – no learning on the job
  • Fast to on-board and accustomed to matching client needs
  • Productive from day one
  • Flexible workers
  • Less commitment financially than a permanent employee
  • Able to offer an outside perspective which could benefit the project 

Recruiting a contractor can seem like an expensive option initially, but when you also factor in that you are only paying for their time, with no wraparound package of benefits, pensions, bonuses or perks which a permanent employee may expect, the long-term costs can actually work out lower. You are saving on training costs, able to rely on the contractor being skilled and adaptable to your needs from day one – a particular benefit when you only need support for a short-term project or one-off piece of work.

Our market is built on offering flexibility and variety that comes with freelance working, and if you don’t explore that market you may be losing out on some of the most skilled, experienced and expert workers in the industry; some organisations have historically seen contracting as a less secure choice – but when you consider the benefits and insight a contractor can bring, you begin to see the significant benefits to employing contractors, and can recruit for specific skills rather than a lasting ‘fit’ in your team, and see your projects soar as a result.

As specialists in your industry, the Citrus Global team have many years of insight, so we know who has the right feel for your role, what skills and experience you’re hoping to bring into the team, and can make recommendations specific to your needs – and that insight is precisely what you are investing in when you choose to work with us. 

Trust us to find you the best Developers, Engineers and DevOps specialists in the market – and give us a call today to discuss your best option. Call our Germany office on +49 215 2990 3900 now for more details on how we do things differently.

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