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The Benefits of Retained Recruitment

A talent search and solutions company is a vital part of success in any industry, and no matter what business you’re in, you will have experienced the recruitment process – either as an employee or as an employer. Your experiences will have shown you a range of approaches – and, as an organisation, you’ll need to make a choice about your own process.

Most agencies offer retained or contingency models – both of which have benefits, but for those who take their future seriously, and are looking for long-term success with low staff turnover, working in partnership with a recruitment expert with a retained model is far more beneficial than the transactional, one-off contingency approach.

Retained recruitment is a trusted and established partnership between your team and experts who understand your needs; the goal is to build a strong relationship with your talent partner, who will get to know you and your team, the culture and environment in your organisation, the kind of people who thrive with you. Alongside this insight, they have their finger on the pulse of the global market, a worldwide network of job seekers, those moving and growing, who is up and coming, who is ready for a change, and can hand-pick the cream of the crop to meet the specific needs and environment of your existing team.

This experience gives them the opportunity to line up potential new talent ahead of time, to guide your search in the right direction, and to build teams in a strategic way – not just bringing in one new employee, but bringing the specific skills your team is lacking, filling and supporting existing talent and enhancing the overall potential of everyone with shared goals and forward planning.

Other benefits to the retained service are the fixed fee – booking engagement and structured processes in advance, with an eye on the growth of your business, the impact of global events, the career progression of those in position, and a trusted partner onside who can guide you through those steps. Recruiting that ‘perfect fit’ talent, working with an expert who knows your team, knows your goals, and understands the bigger picture and future of your organisation.

Retained recruitment also means that your selection process, processing the CVs and performing the first round of interviews, is managed by your consultant – meaning that you only need to be involved at the final stages, interviewing to select your new team member, with the support and guidance of your recruitment expert.

This high-level insight, with commitment, passion and an understanding of your business ethos, is priceless – particularly at a time when the job market is flooded with people seeking new roles, which is what we are seeing in 2021, as the ongoing impact of the pandemic forces so many businesses to close.

If you are looking for successful and impactful recruitment, our retained services could be the solution you need. Call today on +44 203 174 0449 or email us at for more info!

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