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The Key to Attracting the Best Cloud Candidates

At a time when the world is facing significant changes in working routines and behaviours – when a global pandemic has forced the hand of many industries who were previously reluctant to allow home working or distance working, for example – and infrastructure has needed to adapt very quickly to meet this change in circumstance, we have seen a huge increase in the need to specialised and experienced Cloud engineers and DevOps specialists.

This increased need means that the market is wide open for those seeking employment in these areas, and they’ve got the upper hand when it comes to negotiating the best opportunities for growth and advancement – so those doing the recruiting need to be sure that their listing appeals and offers enough to draw the attention of the perfect candidates.

What are the best ways to appeal to the best candidate? Here are our top five tips:

  • Flexible working
  • Clarity on salaries and perks
  • Showcase your toys
  • Development opportunities
  • Marketing and promotion


1. Flexible working

Typically, many Cloud Engineers, DevOps experts and developers love the flexibility of distance working and creating their own ideal working environment – and, since this is literally their expertise you can rely on them to perform well in that set-up – so offer that as an agreed working situation from the offset. 

2. Clarity on salaries and perks

Don’t just hint at ‘competitive salary’ or ‘market standards’ – just tell people what they can expect to earn. You know that’s vital information, and you know people need to feel that it’s worth their time applying – so just be honest, and add in any information about perks (office gym? Discounts on products? Pizza Wednesday? Subsidised housing? Medical insurance?) that your new team members could expect. 

3. Showcase your toys

The one thing you can guarantee any Cloud candidate wants is the latest tech, the most up to date equipment and the best tools on the market – so don’t mumble, shout about what tools they can expect to be working with, and what market they could be involved in; new toys are the best draw for developers and engineers. 

4. Development opportunities

The main reason a Cloud expert starts hunting for a new opportunity is that they feel they’ve grown as much as they can in their current or previous role; curious minds are always seeking opportunities to learn more, to advance, and to progress to the next phase of their career. Lay out in your opportunity the pathway they could take to progress, and include opportunities for future growth; this not only attracts the best talent, it also protects you against them getting bored and moving on, taking that talent out of your team.

5. Marketing and promotion

Don’t rely on a single ad to get word out there – push, promote, share and showcase your opportunity. Make use of your network and contacts, use your social media platforms, have your existing employees share the opportunity on their channels, and invest in a multi-faceted recruitment campaign from experts with a global reach. 

Your network might be big – but ours is vast, and we have years of experience in this specific niche market; we know who is looking, who can be tempted, where the best talent is hiding out, and how to appeal to their curiosity to partner our clients with the best talent on the jobhunting scene. Call us today to see how we can help you to recruit. Call our UK office at +44 203 174 0449 or our Germany location at +4921529903900.


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