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The Secrets To Happy Contractors

As recruitment experts in a specific niche industry, we wanted to use our network and insight into the Cloud and DevOps market to support growth and development in the Engineers, Developers and creatives who keep our industry moving forward

Citrus Global have long supported funded start-ups across Germany, aligning tech talent with aspirational organisations in hyper-scale mode with a commitment to Cloud and innovative technologies. This focus on Cloud and DevOps roles means that we are phenomenally well positioned as recruitment experts – both from a jobseeker and employer perspective.


If you are seeking the most experienced, skilled and forward-thinking Cloud Developer to join your team there are some key tips we know will help you to spark the curiosity and interest of some of the best talent in the world.


  • Clarity
  • Payment efficiency
  • Involvement and autonomy



In an industry which is constantly evolving and adapting it’s vital that your goals are clear and identified. If you are unsure of where you want this project to end up, your team can’t fully invest in the process, and if you keep changing the goalposts you’ll frustrate your Developers and Engineers, giving them itchy feet. Without clarity, there’s less appeal for someone considering the project, and the perfect candidate could move on to a role that makes better use of their skills and input.


Payment efficiency

Few things frustrate contract workers more than inefficient or delayed payments. Don’t agree to terms and then ghost the contractor when the invoice due date has drifted by, and don’t push back on agreed costs if the project parameters are being met; be clear and upfront about payment, and pay what – and when – is agreed.


Involvement and autonomy

You may have clear ideas for what your goals are – but, as experts working in the industry, your contractor might have some input that can improve the outcomes; listen to their feedback, involve them in the development and evolution of the project, and allow them some breathing room to add their insight to the outcomes – you not only earn their respect and trust, but could end up with a considerably better end result than you anticipated.


Cultural awareness

With so much experience and involvement in the German tech industry we know that there are a lot of differences between a ‘standard’ working day between the UK and Germany – and German workers have a very healthy work/life balance.


More flexible working hours, people being free to begin and end their days earlier without a rigid 9-5 structure, and being able to build more time for family and friends into their week means that the team are given more autonomy as a whole, trusted to manage their workload and prioritise without micro-management, and, overall, we see that German workers are often more content and happier in their role. When you are employing in or recruiting from a new location, do some research into the norms and traditional working routines of your potential employees, and be sure to align your plans with these to appeal.


Citrus Global bring you a team of committed, talented recruitment experts – and we take pride in identifying the most talented, ambitious, experienced and qualified people in the Cloud and DevOps industry, and pairing them with the best opportunities for advancement and growth. Call our UK office at +44 203 174 0449 or our Germany location at +4921529903900. today to find out more.

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