Why Meetups Are Key For Attracting Talent

At a time when more job seekers are in the market, when the global economy has been pinched, and when recruiters are having to compete with a crowded market to attract the best talent it’s more important than ever before to tailor your recruitment to the needs of the employees.

It’s absolutely vital that you engage and attract the interest of your potential new hires, and that you offer something more than the traditional ‘advertise, interview, onboard’ approach that has worked in the past; that simply won’t be enough to turn the heads of the most experienced and expert talent – and it’s up to you as the recruiting team to take the extra steps. One step we highly recommend is hosting a meetup.


Some confuse a meetup with a networking event or careers fair, so let’s clear up the differences: a meetup is industry-relevant, gathering an audience of those specifically interested in the industry, showcasing new products or a lecture which will allow people to discuss a new topic and share their ideas and input.


It’s far more intimate and focussed than a networking event, and it brings together people who have already expressed interest in the role or organisation you’re recruiting into. It’s a less formal scenario than an interview, allows people to feel out the environment, the culture, the ‘vibe’ of a team and whether they’d be a good fit, and to learn more about what opportunities are being presented.


This approach to recruiting has become more popular through 2020 – and, though this was initially forced by the pandemic, which has significantly impacted so many working lives, the success of these virtual and digital meetups has proven that people can communicate globally and share talent, passion, commitment and collaborate on projects from any location.


The benefits for recruiters is the opportunity to introduce themselves to a larger group of potential talent, and showcasing what they could be working on if they’re successful in their application; the benefits for those seeking a new role is the chance to make a more rounded, better first impression than can be achieved by simply sending in a CV; asking pertinent questions, expressing interest and offering input can build a better relationship between both parties, and leave a lasting impression.


Being more informal than an interview or networking event means that people are more relaxed and honest, which allows both the jobseekers and the recruiting agency to show their personalities and develop a more accurate impression of one another, and to create a rapport, and a vibrant discussion about shared interests can help the project or opportunity to develop at a better rate.


Hosting these meetups digitally – via tools like Zoom – means that an unlimited audience can participate and be involved, chatting via text or video, and be an active part of the conversation to ask questions, learn more, present their own ideas and share their experiences. This can all be achieved for a lower cost than hiring a physical meeting space would entail, and cuts out things like travel costs entirely, which can be a barrier to some potential applicants.


Throughout 2020, we successfully hosted several virtual meetups on behalf of our Tech clients and the results were great. Done via an 'invite-only basis' - they are the perfect way to communicate details of a new project/hiring drive en masse to a selected audience.  Call us today to find out more about how we could help you to organise and benefit from meetups call our UK office at +44 203 174 0449 or our Germany location at +4921529903900 today. 


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