Corporate Governance has become one of the top priorities of any organisation. With new laws and directives regularly being introduced, companies are becoming ever more accountable for their actions.

Organisations across all sectors are facing increasingly frequent and sophisticated cyber-attacks.

Failure to take the necessary steps to mitigate these risks and/or implement the compliant procedures comes with significant consequences in both the FS&B and C&I markets.


  • Internal Auditor/Manager/Director
  • IT/IS Auditor/Manager/Director
  • Data Analytics Auditor/Manager
  • Quality Auditor/Manager

Compliance / Investigations

  • Chief Compliance Officer
  • Head of Financial Crime
  • Senior Compliance Officer
  • Head of Investigations
  • Investigator
  • Ethics and Compliance Officer
  • Legal Advisor
  • Senior Legal Counsel
  • General Counsel
  • Head of Legal

Information / Cyber Security

  • Penetration Testers
  • PCI Security Engineers
  • Senior appointments (CISO, Director of Cyber Security etc.)
  • Security Architects
  • SOC Analysts
  • Cyber Threat Intelligence Analysts
  • Cyber Risk Management Professionals

Trade Compliance

  • Export Control Lawyer
  • ITAR Manager
  • Director of Trade Compliance Operations
  • Trade Compliance Manager
  • EMEA Trade Compliance Manger
  • Trade Compliance Analyst
  • Export Control Specialist
  • UK Trade Compliance Officer
  • Import and Customs Compliance Lead

Out the Box Thinking? HOW WE ACHIEVE RESULTS

People and organisations who fail to embrace change, will soon find themselves obsolete and unable to compete in the modern age. We live in the era of ‘the challenger brand’. Progressive and proactive businesses, who disrupt their respective industry, by challenging the staus quo and delivering outcomes based on new methods and ways of working.

Whilst we still employ the more traditional methods of recruitment, the current socio economic climate requires out the box thinking and the need for new, innovative ways to engage with our target audience.

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    Active and contributing members within the communities/industry sectors in which we operate. Our team are encouraged to attend industry seminars, conferences and meetups, to ensure they are up to speed with the latest industry knowledge.

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    Our partnership approach allows us to gain a deeper understanding of what is actually driving the need and the intricacies of each assignment. We can then proactively deliver against this need, further mitigating the risk of misalignment

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    Our inch wide mile deep approach acts as a key differentiator from many of our peers. Choosing to focus solely within a select few niche areas. Allowing for a deeper and more comprehensive technical understanding.

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    A dedicated researcher assigned to each of our market verticals, allows us to stay abreast of new projects, companies and the latest developments within the space as and when they happen.

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    Utilising an extensive network that extends beyond a typical ‘database’ of contacts. Our intuitive cloud based CRM is constantly kept up to date by our research team.

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    Industry Blogs

    Our consultants are encouraged to contribute to our monthly blog posts. In addition many post on external industry blogs and forums relevant to their respective industry.

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