We know who we are, but do you? About Us

Our business is structured to service our industry verticals, with each of our consultants having a particular niche therein. Our plan was never to be 'all things to all people', but more so a specialist partner to a select number, ensuring the quality of service is never diluted.

Our approach is ‘community-led’ and we pride ourselves on having a visual and continual presence within our respective markets.

You will often find us hosting roundtable events discussing the latest hot-topics within the market, attending industry conferences or sponsoring community-lead meet up groups at our London office, it's of vital importance that we remain active and contributing participants in our space.

For us the emphasis is on a purely quality driven model. Meaning regardless of the nature of the engagement, your interaction will be with a knowledgeable and informed consultant. If we are doing our job right, you should feel listened to, understood and most importantly treated as a valued individual within our shared community. 

A Personal Approach to Reach New Heights

5. Introduction

When we find an opportunity that fits your needs, you will receive a call from us with full company information and detailed job description. We’re aiming for a 100% success rate.

4. Proactive Recruitment

We will seek to identify opportunities, via our network within the community, based on your individual requirements. You will be kept up to date on our progress throughout.

3. Agreed Plan of Action

Based on your criteria, you will receive an honest and unbiased summary of current market conditions as we see them, as well as relevant opportunities we're currently working on.

2. Understanding Your Next Move

Help us to understand what is missing in your current position. More importantly what your ideal next role will look like, industry and ideal time-scales you’re working towards.

1. Pre-Qualification

Tell us about you, your career so far and professional achievements and give us a glimpse of your personal motivators outside of work. It's important we know you as an individual.

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