A Way of Giving Back Our Social Responsibility

We strongly believe in the principles of Corporate Responsibility and are passionate about making a positive impact on the world we live in through charitable endeavour.

The act of giving back in some way is a core value in our business. We actively encourage our team to do their bit, supported by everyone being offered a ‘charity day’ in additional to their annual leave.

As a company we support the blood cancer research charity, Bloodwise, due to the tremendous work they do. In addition to this, each quarter, one of the team nominates a charity that means something to them personally. With the support of the company, they then lead the associated fundraising activities in aid of their chosen recipient.

Our Social Responsibility

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Why Dockerless?

Why would you not use Docker? Why would you use Docker? Are there really no alternatives to it? Did we -- the IT-community -- came up with the perfect solution for containers from the first attempt, right back in 2013?

This article was originally published on mkdev.me here: mkdev.me/en/posts/dockerless-part-1-which-tools-to-replace-docker-with-and-why 

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